Felt panama hats

Does anyone know how to and the settings for engraving on these hat?

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A search for “felt engraving settings” gets you just what you’re looking for.


Just be cautious, hats are probably pretty thin. A lighter touch is probably good.

You might want to look for @MyDogsThinkImCrazy’s posts. She does a lot of fabric work.


The hats that you reference are not visible in the post, but you have gotten sound advice regarding how to proceed with felt. I have had pretty good success with 100% wool felt, but the smell is more than I can tolerate.


The exact settings are going to vary quite a bit depending on what kind of felt it is and what effect you’re going for.

Hopefully you have an extra piece you can practice on to dial in the settings. Start low and fast, then ramp up power or decrease speed if you want a stronger engrave.

Natural wool felt will burn and make brown marks. And stink like burnt hair (although the smell eventually fades away). It may weaken thinner felts but thicker pieces should hold up.

Polyester felt (and other synthetics) tend to get melty (producing a darkened color, but not burnt) when engraved, which provides a different look and may actually strengthen it. (But may reduce flexibility.) No yucky smells with synthetic felt.