Fencing Medal Prototype

Thanks for all of the wonderful advice on how to do this. I had to think backwards to get the SVG to print properly, as this is a blank for my husband to create molds from, not the mold. (He does metal casting) We are really pleased with how it came out! This is my first acrylic piece, and my first Made on a Glowforge post.


Great job! Looking forward to your future posts!

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Umm…Preparation is the correct spelling in the U.S. - if not where you are, sorry to hijack.


The coach is Cuban, but I’ll mention it again.

Well in that case it’s still spelled wrong. In Spanish it would be Preparación - there’s not a version with 2 "e"s.

Prepare… there is no such word “prepere”… but that logo may be on many flyers and t-shirts for a long time by now! :smiley:

Seems they got it right:


Yes, I have to admit it. I never learned to type as I went to school in mostly pre computer days, so I must have screwed it up. Back then typing was only for those in secretarial training!