Ferret Hobby

I’m waiting for delivery on my first Glowforge and my mind is bursting with ideas! The past month my hobbies have been making costumes for my ferrets by hand so I thought I would share!!
IMG_20181013_074819_399|400x500 Luna as a Candy Corn Witch!

Celes who is dressed as a Pumpkin Fairy!

Luna again as an Evil Fairy a girl on Instagram comissioned.

Me and my boy Noctis as matching unicorns!

Our tiniest girl Terra as Tinkerbell!

And Iris as a black Dragon… she isn’t as chill about costumes as the others so I rarely dress her up!

Not the main reason for the GF but I’m so excited not to have to cut tiny wings out by hand with an exact blade TWICE! It’s so time consuming!


Your babies are adorable! (I had ferrets too at one point…they are wonderful pets. If you don’t startle them.) :smile:


Ohmygosh, your costumes (as well as the models) are adorable! I never knew ferrets could be so cute.


Why, what happens?

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They are closely related to the skunk family. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Umm I’ll stick with golden retrievers then :slight_smile:


Yep. Wise. (I accidentally dropped a cookie tray in the kitchen with about half a dozen baby ferrets rooting around under my feet…they come fully loaded.) :confounded:


Thank you! I love my babies!

I actually never had that problem with em! When mine get scared all they do is puff up like a car and start war dancing like lik crazy slinkies! My white one (Luna) is deaf and 7 (which is like 70 to a ferret) so she has no cares left to give!

They do tend to poop in the corner of the bathroom when having playtime tho… at least it’s on tile. They only ever poop in corners tho, it’s very strange!


They can be destructive…one of mine tunneled under the door in my apartment by digging up the carpet underneath. (Had to replace that.) :roll_eyes:

Then he chewed his way through the dryer hose connection and escaped into the neighborhood…just about caused me to have a heart attack cause I figured some housewife would think he was a big rat bounding at her and kill him. (Fortunately didn’t happen, he bounded up to someone who recognized him as a ferret…whew!.)

But they are so worth it…very loving little animals. :smile:


Amazing costumes!

So cute! I’ve always thought about getting a ferret as a pet, but I have heard they are stinky, so it kept me at bay!

Christy, if you clean their cage every day or two their not bad. Like cat litter it gets out of hand quick if you dont. They also sell a spritzer that makes them smell like fabric softener. Their natural smell is literally doritos, like everytime they wake up they smell like cornchips! I take them for walks on leashes and everything (When they’re not asleep… which is like only 4 hours of awake a day!)

OMG Jules! Thar mistake been terrifying! You were so lucky! My guys aren’t destructive but they do LOVE to stash pens, hammers, cat toys and my shoes under the bed! Also I was wondering because of your icon, do you have a hedgehog or just like them?

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Yep, I had a hedgehog as a pet too once. (I’ve got an affinity for critters of all kinds.) :smile:
Except mosquitos…those are terminated without prejudice.

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Oh, I haven’t given up on them yet. I wish I had a friend with ferrets so I could visit. Right now we’ve got a cat who thinks she’s a dog and a hedgehog who definitely knows she is a hedgehog. I’ve got an unspoken ban from my husband on getting new pets.

That makes me laugh…hubs was the tough guy too, “No more pets.”…until Demon claimed him for her own.

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The problem may actually be the kids. :wink:

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What cooperative models you have - and cute, too.

Christy: If your ever in Virginia and want a playdate with ferrets let me know! I always tell people “I dont have regular kids, I have ferrets!”

Jules: What was your hedgehogs name?! And who’s Demon?!

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It’s a plan!

The hedgie was named Hitchcock. (He passed on a few years ago of natural causes.)

Demon is a very tiny feral kitten (cat now)…coal black with pure green demon eyes, fourteen front claws (two extra thumbs on each paw…you ought to see her go up and down trees…she turns to face the ground and comes down like a Parkour squirrel.)