Few other projects I did last week!

Charlotte Crown to hang on the wall.
London Skyline Fridge Magnet.
Earring and necklace set.
I Love Coffee keyring as EU Registration number!
All on draft board.



Some nice projects! It’s fun to be able to knock out such a wide variety of items.

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Ohhh! Like the fridge magnet! :grinning:

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Would you please send me a svg of that crown? My wife wants me to make my daughter something to hang her headbands from, saw that crown and said its perfect! lol

Sorry to tell you that requesting files is against forum rules. Maybe you should take it on as a design challenge!

Like cynd11 said, asking for files is against the forum guidelines. If you go to the noun project and search for crown you’ll find a lot of crowns of various styles. After that it’s a matter of learning how to do some basic stuff in Inkscape to get where the OP arrived at. It can be frustrating, but what you can do with a little Inkscape knowledge combined with the glowforge is amazing.

FYI - The Tips and Tricks section has a lot of tutorial for Inkscape.

Its all good,… I googled and found the same image you probably used :wink: