FF VII Buster Sword

Top is my original design for the Buster Sword (no inkscape experience, going from my memory).

Bottom is my latest redesign (1 week of inkscape experience, using the remake for a refrenece).

This is a present for a friend, which is why his gamer tag that I engraved on it is hidden.


You will definitely be killing it when you have 2 weeks of Inkscape experience.

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I think I like the first for the more robust handle, but they are very nice and amazing for first week in inkscape

That is what everyone has said so far.

I used the measurements from the game as the template, so that is in line with that.

it is very fragile and I very carefully removed the masking cause it felt like it was going to break.

Here it is lit on the custom shelf. Once quarantine is over I am going to install it at his house.


In virtual reality anything can work. In actual reality not so much. Much depends on expectations. It it is just going to hang on the wall it will work fine, but I would not do much swinging about as it could fly off at the handle.


Do NOT let them hold it by the handle. It will snap with the slightest movement, one because it’s acrylic, and two, because it’s already “scored” there… I’ve made a “master sword” from Zelda out of 1/4" plywood… gave it to TheBoy (11) and as soon as he tried to lift it, snap

So I know this is for display only, but EVERYONE (myself included) wants to hold a big azz stabby thing.

Looks great!


Very cool! I love the redesign and it’s going to look awesome lit up on the wall. What kind of light base are you using to do that? I’ve only seen the ones that standup.

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I made a custom floating shelf from 2 x 2s and a poplar board. I then routed a channel to put a light strip that I bought from Amazon on it. I will try to get some pictures later.

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I’d like to see that! My husband has been wanting to play with LED strips.