Fiber Laser


2000 watt Fiber laser cutting 3/8" hot rolled steel flat bar.


Shown here cutting 3/8" steel bar. Cut about 1 inch per second!


Wow. That’s vaguely terrifying :slight_smile:


:sunglasses: definitely need your safety glasses for this.


It has specially tinted windows and won’t run unless the doors are closed


Oh man, what a cool tool! :star_struck:


Yeah, but can you mount it on a sharks head :slight_smile:


Too cool! How does this compare to the water cutters?


Notice the “crumb” tray, despite being a tad sturdier than ours, isn’t holding up too well… :smiley:


Lasers don’t make a big mess and cut faster and much more accurately. We can cut about 1000 inches per minute of .060 stainless steel. The edges are nearly perfect with no bluing or discoloration. They come out slightly warm to the touch but not to hot to handle. It uses liquid nitrogen or oxygen during the cuts depending on the metal. It can also engrave.


yeah, they are 1/8" steel and they get pretty screwed up, but we can make new metal pieces on the laser. They last for a pretty long time. Usually several months depending on the usage.