Fiddling around with the glowforge


Made some adjustments to my full size violin/fiddle design from last week and thought I would attempt to upload the svg files. It’s still in concept/design phase and I feel like there could be plenty of room for improvements. I just can’t seem to wrap my mind around how or what to change but perhaps someone else viewing it from a different perspective might have some ideas. It’s a bit “fiddly” to put together so I thought I would also post a vid with a general overview on how it comes together. –Have a great weekend!
violin parts Aug (215.0 KB)


Wow! What an amazing project! I’m wondering how you solved the bridge problem and where the tuning gears came from, but maybe the answer is in the zip file (can’t open that on my iPad).

The video was great and the heckling from the peanut gallery was pretty hilarious.


Thanks. You might be able to get close with gradients in PowerPoint. That is how I did the nut and finger board. The bridge could be done but I think that it would need shaping after the finger board is glued and the correct height is obtained. At the last-minute I changed the tuning peg holes for standard holes as not everyone has the same mandolin machine tuners as me.


Well that was totally cool. :grinning:


Thank you for the files and awesome video.


That’s freaking amazing. :astonished:


What a great project! Nice work. Thanks for taking the time to share the build with us - and the file! :+1:


This is very cool, want to try something like this one day. Also, loved you choice of tune to play.


Can’t play a violin … so, why do I want to make one? Because this is so awesome, that’s why!!

Really enjoyed your video, and thank you for the files! You are very kind.


My pleasure. My playing skills are not so great either as evidenced by the video, however wanted to torture your ears with it as my excitement for making something on the glowforge outweighs my confidence in violin skills.


That’s really something incredible.
Thank you for sharing that.
It’s really something.
I’m quite impressed.


Thanks for that. It’s mostly derived from the treasurer trove of info on this forum. One thing I learned this week from trying this project out in different materials is that draft board absorbs super glue much faster than with the other products which means it sets up a few seconds faster and less wiggle time.