Field Notes Cover, Mk II

Field Notes cover, Mk II, with a couple of inner card pockets. Veg tan dyed with vinegaroon. Lightly touched with oil, which gave the surface an aged character. Thought about trying to darken it again, but decided I like it.

Self-designed in Illustrator. Leather GF-cut, including holes. GF-engraved stamp on the front, this time in Delrin. I made the diamond holes a little smaller, and refined the Illustrator script for distributing them along a path.


That looks so nice. I really have to start figuring out leather. Thanks for the inspiration!


Thank you. I’m enjoying it.


Looks beautiful! I’m working on the very first design of my own after learning more by using patterns made by others. Started out really small and this will be my largest thing, yet. Used one of my favorite Fossil purses to see how it’s constructed…it’s going to be a long process…lots of hand stitching. But, I love it. We can only get better with practice, right?


Absolutely - I learn something with each step. I’m noodling on a satchel idea myself.

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Looks great, and nice stitching!


Thank you!

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