File assistance please

Hello, friends. Yes, I searched the community and tried a few recommendations. I Googled it and tried a few ideas there too. So far, I have tried the link for Pine Tools, and in Inkscape, I tried Filters->Color->Invert and Extensions > Colour > Negative. Neither of the Inkscape options changed anything.

Here is what I am trying to do. I am trying to invert this file so the text and stars are white and the background in the ring is black. I want the letters to stand out over an engraved dark ring. I want the fieId in the center to be plain wood, not engraved, so it should be white, correct? I have another image I will add to that area which will be scored. But I need the border of the ring to remain solid but score the inner edge.
I tried inverting it, but all I can get is the whole thing black. I have had a little success with Preview (thanks @geek2nurse ) and no success at all in Inkscape. I am attaching several files.

Please ease my frustration and tell me what to do next!

Original image
This is the best I can see so far

And here is the image I will score in the center field.

This is a gift for an Army nurse who served in World War II and is now 101 years old, so I want it to be right!

Thank you for your help!

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Please tell me how you did that? And thank you for your help.

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photoshop - with some creative layering… :stuck_out_tongue:

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^ ^ ^ ^ MACGEEK!!! (giggle) if you need it as a .svg, or anything else you want… just ask!


Amazing an svg would be. Good friend is Macgeek! sorry for the typo


Is it going to engrave the corners too? I will be adding a hanger hole and cut outline around the circle. (213.7 KB)

two versions, one with a square, and one as a circle you can add a hole in either
(i liked the circle one… a LOT)


@Deleted didnt read the instructions :slight_smile:
hang on.


Double hang on, it’s all messy and now I have to clean it up.

she wanted it inverted and then to score the RN logo!!!


I put it on my GFUI - it looks perfect!! <!!??!!>

She also didnt want the center dark,

Also she wants it as perfect as possible, and there are challenges here beyond what can be casually fixed, probably the result of too much image tracing.

See all those little pits in the middle? Noise that needs to be cleaned up. No worries, that wouldn’t be difficult.

Second the letter shapes have been warped, again, probably from too much processing:

See how the U is all weird and not crisp? The curve on the bottom left of the S is uneven and lumpy? The periods are uneven, etc etc. All hallmarks of “bad” tracing, probably from a low resolution initial image.

Do you have the original original? I am assuming you pulled the circular badge from somewhere and didn’t make it yourself?


@evansd2 the perfectionist
“Do it right, or don’t bother doing it”



Not to mention that the star orientation isn’t radially symmetrical, thought that could be a design choice. All of the stars are oriented “flat”, with a point straight up. If it were my design I would make it so the stars all point “out”, as they usually do in these sorts of things:

as in the betsy ross flag:

But that could be a choice.


The RN is supposed to be scored on plain wood, you have it incorrectly if I’m reading what she asked for correctly.

Set aside if we mean engraved when we say scored here, it’s still not right.


she wants the center part to be white… (in a dark background)
she had that part done, when we started!
if not she would have said “no i want the center to be white”
when I showed her the first photo.

am I confused here??


How is this?
Help file
You can cut the red, score the blue inner circle and engrave the black.


Thank you, that looks great. I can easily add the score image to the center. I will paint it. I wanted the background behind the area I am painting to be wood, so you are correct. You listened! You are amazing!


Actually, @beerfaced is correct. I want the background behind the artwork in the center field to be wood, not engraved. So it needs to be while in the svg.

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