File cutting, but not engraving

I’m working on a project and the cut lines are doing amazingly well, but despite the engraving showing up on the left and “lighting up” when I choose that option, it’s not engraving. It’s going through the motions as though it were, but the masking it’s even singed. Anyone have any ideas?

What’s your power setting on the engrave parts?


It is possible that you have two images stacked on top of one another. When this happens, the machine goes through the motions, but doesn’t actually engrave.


My settings are 535/70/270

This may be the issue! I’ve never had it happen before. Thanks for the suggestion, I will double check this!

If they are vector images, that is almost certainly you issue (does not apply to cuts/scores and bitmap engraves…)

That was exactly what it was! Thanks so much!


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