File fit, but suddenly doesn’t now..?

I was working on a file for a gift and was able to get the first half to engrave with no issues. I simply rotated the wooden disc around to line up and engrave

the other half, but now it appears that the artwork is too large…? I don’t understand how it was fine for the first half and now it’s not. You can see that the engraving that’s already done is now lying outside the print area, so I can’t line up the next half to even begin…Any ideas? Edited to add…passthrough is not an option as the material is too thick.

Speed settings usually changes the engraving area/cut area. Did you make sure the settings are set the same speed?


I didn’t, but will try that. Thanks!

Same settings😒

Do you have it at the same height?

I do…everything is the same. It’s kinda blowing my mind haha

That is odd. The only other thing I can think of is if your not clicking set focus manually and it’s setting focus off of it but I doubt that’s the issue too since most of the material is filling up all spaces it would hit.

It looks like it could shift left slightly and not go off the left edge.

Sometimes I find I have to use the ruler tool to enter specific offset values to position something just right.

I’ve never tried to split an engrave in half like this and then line it up, though. That seems like it might be quite challenging to get the engrave to line up perfectly.


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