File from Catalog can't Open

Anyone having success opening this file

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I just tried and it worked for me.


We having not been able to print anything since this morning. PNG file is saved but uploading it never comes up on the glowforge page. Anyone else seeing this? Wondering if their servers are down…

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The servers are not down, and png files are probably the problem. Try loading the Gift of Good Measure and see what happens.

We have never had a problem with PNG files. What is Gift Of Good Measure?

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The Gift of Good Measure is the keychain measurer that Glowforge suggest you cut as your very first project. Glowforge support use the file to evaluate whether or not a machine is performing as expected. You can find it in your Dashboard.

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Posts here in Problems and Support opens a ticket for Glowforge support, so if you are having problems you will want to open your own topic or email Glowforge support so you can get personal attention. Please don’t to both though! Commenting on someone’s post won’t get you personal support for your issue.

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Thank you I have been able to open other files just not this one… strange

Thanks Ben its only this file I am having and issue with…

There are three different threads open with this same basic issue, I’m thinking it is an issue on the Glowforge end.

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Thanks… the more open they know there is an issue

I’m having issues adding anything from the Glowforge library.

Hi @curvygirlsarechic - I’m sorry we’re just now responding to this, how embarrassing, and I’m sure, for you, frustrating.

We’ve made some improvements since you’d made this post that we believe may have helped with your trouble. Could you please let me know whether you’re still experiencing the same trouble?

As far as I know it’s working ok… I have a limited amount of time to handle issues with this machine if I don’t hear back right away. I have a whole business to run. If I run into an issue today I will let you know.

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Thanks so much for the update. So glad to hear everything is working again. If the issue comes up again let us know and we will be happy to look into for you.

Have a great day.