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I am having issues getting this file to load correctly and am unsure how to fix it. The internal “lens” circle on the Instagram logo keeps loading as a full engrave vs an outline. I built it by overlapping and combining two circles. Also tried it without combining and making the internal one white, tried the doughnut tool and tried simply doing a circle with a thicker line an no fill. I am working in affinity and am learning as I go. Instagram%20Sign%20Wedding%20(Master). Looking forward to learning and hope I put this in the correct place.

I don’t know AD at all, so I can’t tell you where your procedure went awry, but the center of your lens was not properly knocked out of the larger circle.

I opened the file in Illustrator, ungrouped the lens shape, released the compound path, then used the Pathfinder Minus front command to knock the small shape out properly.


Thank you! Not sure how that happened either as the square section was done the same way in the AD. Thank you again for saving me some serious frustration.

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FWIW, I spent about 30 minutes working on the file as well and the circle was properly knocked when I opened it. I still broke it apart and tried every combination I could think of the knock it back out and none worked. Twice I reversed the path of the nodes of the circle and one of the changes worked. I also got one other of the several versions I tried to work as well, but most attempts failed. I’m not new to getting files working on the GF and I’m pretty design savvy and I couldn’t figure out the issue either. I think this was a deeper problem than the circle not being designed correctly and I’d suspect it could have to do with the dreaded “fill-rule:evenodd” issue that pops up with some svgs. I would also suspect that @wbgraphics design program saved it differently than ours and that’s why the issue was fixed. I quit working on it since wbgraphic posted a good fix, but wanted you to know that it likely wasn’t you doing something glaringly wrong in your design.

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Oh, one more thing. This doesn’t help with learning how to design a file, but if you ever need to just get’er done, you can always turn vectors into a bitmap if you want to engrave them. It’s one way to get around pesky vector design issues with layered elements etc. as when converted to a bitmap, what you see is what you get.

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Except margins :wink:

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IKR! :stuck_out_tongue: Stupid thing is driving me nuts lol.

What program are you using? The file redone in Illustrator by @wbgraphic worked when I loaded it into the GF app. For me, it also appeared correct in Inkscape and Affinity.

I use Corel. wbgraphic’s file worked for me as well. It was just really strange that I couldn’t reproduce the fix on my end. Well, I did twice, but the obvious fix of knocking the hole out of the circle didn’t work. I think it was something else.

@dmudek Unfortunately, our team doesn’t have expertise in Affinity Design so I don’t have a solution for you other than what’s been said already. @wbgraphic and @kittski Thanks for your help!

If you have any other questions, please post a new topic.