File Issue?


I’ve been working on this file for so many days that I think I’ve lost track of what I’ve done. This file looks exactly the same (to my tired eyes) as every other file I create using Silhouette but unlike the many others, this one won’t upload to the Glowforge App to engrave. Any insight you can offer would be greatly appreciated!

I downloaded the file and dragged it into the Glowforge interface. I did not upload the file. It processed without incident.

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Thank you! I’m glad that it at least works somewhere! This information is very helpful. May be an issue with the GF Interface instead of a file issue. Again, thanks!

Try right clicking your own file from the post above and then in the Dashboard choose create a new design and simply drag the newly downloaded file onto the Glowforge bed.

I believe the file at 10.6" x 18.5" is too big to engrave.

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