File name display in the GFUI

It was in December last year when this was raised, but I think it high time that it was revisited.
I am currently working with seven files, making repeat cuts on each in turn.
It seems bizarre that there is no file name displayed on screen in the GFUI, absolutely basic to keeping track of work in progress.
So, Staff, why not ?
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I’m with ya. I’d love the file name displayed somewhere (before print) so I can keep track of what I’m doing.

Perhaps I’m just not up to speed. :blush:
I’ve just clicked on the three dot icon in the GFUI and found… the file name.
I assume that’s it, rather than the last from a previous session, as I’m in the process of starting again after a lunch break.
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Still not sure what’s going on. There is a discrepancy between loading a file from the GFUI interface and loading directly from my own files.
Something to do with how I delete work, and if I open a new session.
Need to sort it out, because at the moment it’s too confusing to be useful. I’ve just had a case where the name given by the ellipsis icon was not the file that was showing !
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Hey, that’s useful!


Taking time out, but will start from scratch tomorrow, to see what the pattern is.
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Further to yesterday’s puzzle.
I did a test cut on a piece of thick goofboard, and with so much charring on the settings I used, I decided to abandon that idea, and stick with PG.
I selected the test print showing in the GFUI, and hit the delete button on my keyboard.
Then uploaded the new file, did a test cut on paper to locate the position, loaded new material, and entered all the new settings, and it cut as required.
Remembering yesterday’s file name problem, I clicked on the ellipsis, and sure enough, it showed the previous file name.
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EDIT If I close the GFUI window and start a new window, the problem doesn’t occur. It only seems to be if I delete the file using the keyboard ‘delete’.
Can’t see how to delete individual files saved in my GFUI when it first opens, but I haven’t thoroughly searched for that yet.

Ahhhh. When you’re in the screen where you can see the bed of your Glowforge, you’re inside a project. If you delete stuff in there, and then add new stuff, you’re still in the same project, and it keeps its same name–it doesn’t update with the name of whatever file you imported into it.

Is that what’s happening?

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Yes, you’ve hit the nail on the head.
Any thoughts on permanently deleting files from the GFUI’ saved’(?) folders, the window that shows when you first open GFUI.
(Got about 1K posts to catch up on, so beginning to feel left behind !)
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Nothing like a good search. just found Jules’ reference to the down arrow in the top right corner of the GFUI folder, which gives the option to rename or delete.
Thanks Jules


Thanks for the confirmation! Yes, the file name on the (…) button is the name of the file that was opened to get into the workspace. It won’t update to a new uploaded file name unless you go back to the design dashboard and open a new design.

In any case, thank you for the suggestions! I’ve let the team know what you’d all like to see.