File not working super basic design

tried as DXF said to complicated, tried as SVG just bombs

can somone check these for me see if you have the same problem or a suggestion to fix
their is a SVG here as well but i used a very thing red trace line
lutron shims
idleplate.dxf (3.3 KB)
activeplate.dxf (3.9 KB)


Well, you can say that again! My old eyes could scarcely see them. Other than that though, it loaded into the GFUI just fine for me. Maybe use a different browser or refresh the one you’re using. Try closing your browser and reopening…?


The svg’s loaded fine for me. I dragged and dropped them onto the interface.

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thank you for the testing and yup… i downloaded it from my upload to the community and now it works in the workspace

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