File seperation

So I bought a file. I use Inkscape on it to weld a name. It’s in 2 pieces. A front which contains the weld and a back. So here’s my dilemma… I can’t seem to separate the files . When I do nothing shows up on my bed. So I was told to separate the 2 images quite a bit apart in Inkscape, ok it shows up but they are both on the same cut. So the question is…if you don’t see one of the images on the bed but they are both listed under the cut what will my machine do ? I’m assuming it won’t try to cut the one you can’t see but rather than risking doing something crazy to my machine I figured I’d ask all you fine folks. I have never had a file do this before.

I suggest you change the colors of the two parts so they will be cut individually. That way you can ignore the part you don’t want to cut.


Hi @sunnywillow68. Thanks for reaching out for help with your file question. I see @dklgood has provided just the suggestion I was going to mention as well. Preparing the file by using separate colors for the separated elements will be the best way to separate the print in various steps. This allows for greater control of settings to certain parts for engraves, scores, and cuts. It will also allow you to set steps to be ignored so you don’t end up double applying print steps by mistake.

Feel free to that, and if you run into any trouble, or further questions, reach out and we’ll be happy to help. Happy printing!

Hi @sunnywillow68. It’s been a while since we’ve seen any activity here, so I’ll go ahead and close this thread. If you run into any trouble with printing or any design issues, feel free to start a new thread, or write us at We’ll be here and ready to help. Thank you!