File Size and Burn Time

Every month it seems that we can send larger files to the GlowForge and enjoy longer burn times. When I started three months ago, the GF didn’t seem to be able to handle files anywhere near even one megabyte.

Yesterday I uploaded and burned a 3.4 megabyte file.
Last week I did a 2 hour and 47 minute “burn”.

Anyone tracking this type of information for their work?

What is your:

  1. Largest file that uploaded?
  2. Longest burn time?

I’m sure there are file size limits but they are fairly generous. I’ve uploaded SVGs with embedded PNGs that put the filesize at around 20mb, maybe a little bigger, for 10x15”ish engraves that take about 3 hours.


I just checked again and found a 16.8 megabyte file that uploaded and ran, it too was an svg file with an embedded image!



A while ago in the very wee hours of the morning I must have been the only person on a GF and got a 3hr 40 min engrave. :nerd_face: I dunno file size tho.


3.5h is right around the limit! The size of the source file can vary a lot - you can send us a big bitmap and it’s fine, but a few megabytes of vector data can be punishingly complex.