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Attempting to print one of my first original prints using my glowforge. So I finally have the design looking 95% the way I want it (still learning inkscape), drop it into the Glowforge App, & hit print. The machine in turn starts up, acts like its going to print, and simply exits with no error message.

Attaching my design if it helps any help would be greatly appreciated. I honestly didnt realize how much id need to learn to be able to use the glowforge properly.

Edit: Attempting to print on ProofGrade Medium Maply Plywood


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Your file loaded for me with no problems.

Try make sure that it is clear in the GFUI of the “no print” zone near the edges. Once you pick a material it will show you where it can or can’t “print”. I had to move it over to have the engrave and cut selections show.

Happy Ramadan to you and your family.


@hansepe did you hit print to see if it processed the print file?

@jawad_olabi what were your print settings, if you recall? Was it a Proofgrade selection - if so, which one. Or manual selection, if so what speed and LPI?

Edit to add: It’s failing at the print portion for me also, without an error. I’ll let ya know more in a few mins.


I resaved it (without changing anything) in Illustrator and it processed the print (about 11 mins on draftboard SD engrave settings). I attached that here just to get you going.

When you saved it in Inkscape, did you save it as a plain SVG or an Inkscape SVG? I would recommend just saving it as a Plain SVG. For this one, I would recommend copying everything, and then creating a new document and pasting it in that. Then, save as a Plain SVG (so no remnant code is remaining).

In fact, I just did that — opening in Inkscape, copied all, new document, paste and then the Glowforge processed the print.



Many Many thanks, this is so helpful. Curious how I messed up originally but excited its working now, should probably try to learn Ai at some point.

Many Thanks!

Inkscape uses SVG as its native file format but they have two flavors; an Inkscape SVG format and then a Plain SVG format. The Inkscape SVG format uses some Inkscape-specific stuff in at least the header portion of the SVG document, and possibly down in the actual code of the SVG that enables different Inkscape features. The Inkscape SVG format can definitely cause problems on the processing end… as we saw here :slight_smile: I’m not sure exactly what kills it - but something certainly does.

Just keep things in a plain SVG and you should be good to go.


Got it burning, looks to have worked but ran into something while engraving.

For whatever reason the Text towards the bottom did not come out very clearly, especially the “2018” reference on the last line (Printed on Proofgrade Medium Maple Ply)


Looks very nice! :slightly_smiling_face:

For the really thin lines (and that small) the text might need to be thickened a little to allow enough burn to get through the masking. Or you can slow down the speed just a little bit making it burn deeper. Or run a second pass on the thin text. (Make it a different color than the other text and set two passes for that part.)


Thanks so much!!! I will try thickening the text.


Thanks for the help in this thread, everyone. I’m glad to see you were able to get that design printed, @jawad_olabi! Did thickening the text help you get the result you wanted?

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It’s been a little while since I’ve seen any replies on this thread so I’m going to close it. If you still need help with this please either start a new thread or email

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