File won't upload

Hey everyone,

Is anybody available to tell me why this file won’t upload? I made it in Inkscape.
I can’t figure out how to put it in this message, so if anyone can help, pls let me know.

To add it to your post here you can either click the edit link (pencil) and then either drag your image into your post or click the upload link (box w/ arrow pointing up). It will then post tiny and you’ll want to change the size by editing the code that says ![File Name|20x12] so it’s something like 200x120 or larger.

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Thank you! It appeared!

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What’s weird about this, is there is a photo engrave file above this when I designed it. It doesn’t show here tho.

I believe the forum strips out embedded bitmaps from SVGs. If you zip the SVG and upload it, folks should be able to see it.


I don’t have any issue uploading it - it appears below the main workspace so you may need to zoom out/down in order to see it.

I just get that error saying there was a problem uploading this file. It may work later… I can’t even get to the workspace. Tried uploading it from my phone as well and same deal.

How odd, no issue on my end - though if there is another part of the image that got swiped by the forum it may be something in that.

Can you zip your file and upload it here again?

Generally with the problem uploading error I’ll recommend a cache clearing, but that you’re getting it on both computer and phone and got the same error leads to a file issue.


I will try! (4.2 MB)

I was able to successfully upload your SVG, so it must be a local issue.

The file is big, so browser cache, troublesome wifi, etc might all be issues.

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Ditto. Question - when you’re on your phone are you hooked to your house WiFi, or are you on your data plan? If the former, try disconnecting from the WiFi.

*As a side note, the first date is 2006, and the 2nd is 2001…did you mean 2021?


ooh! Thanks for catching that for me! I did mean 2021! Would have sucked to get it figured out and then find that!

Idk what the issue is. I guess I’ll try to restart.
Thanks for trying!

And I use the house wifi…

It might be worth posting in P&S or send an email to support because they can look at your logs and find out how strong your WiFi is.

Such service! Not only will the community help you debug your file uploads, but also will do some light editing. :smiley:

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