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So, I just ordered my GF the other day and am trying to do my homework (yes…homework after the fact) on the best venting / air filtering options

I see a lot of people saying “if you can vent…don’t filter” and such

I’ll be using the GF in about 130 square foot home office with two windows within close proximity of where the GF will be

Should that venting out the window be sufficient?

What are you doing for similar venting?

PS-Yeah, I’ve seen a million topics on filters and such but was hoping for some similar scenarios


I’ve been using a Glowforge for two years that way. You should have no problems although if the outside weather is very bad, I highly recommend putting a damper at the vent where it connects outside. Personally I prefer to remove the vent from the window when I’m not using it due to our home security system needing windows to be closed, but lots of people leave it in.

This is what I connect the hose to, in the window:


My recommendation is for a combination of venting and filtering. (It’s what I’ve done), and as a result, I’m actually pleased with the alternative “compact” filter because of how much easier it will be to change filters than the originally planned one.

That said, for your venting, I would suggest the following:

  1. Consider a permanent pvc pipe / dryer vent setup, if you can, (as opposed to a board / plexiglass “cover” for the window.

  2. If your window has a removable sash (the part with the glass and interior frame around the glass), look into getting a separate sash that you can have re-glazed with a vent in it, so you case swap them out, if desired. Especially good if you think you may not be there for a very long while - but that’s best for a slider-style window.

  3. Be sure to get / make a blast gate so that when you are hooked up to the vent, you can ensure cold / hot / damp air does not make its way into the forge when the forge is not running.

  4. Be sure to have a flap system on the exterior of the home to prevent critters and / or rain from making its way into your forge. (In addition to number 3)

  5. Look at some sort of quick-connect / disconnect, especially if you are going to be doing filter + venting. (Many references I variioua threads)

  6. Get a better hose - I recommend one of the plastic ones used for shop venting, etc. let me know if you want a link.

  7. Get metal / aluminum tape to seal joints. Your nose will thank you.

  8. Get ready to have a blast!!!


Links would be awesome if you don’t mind

That looks pretty simply

Unfortunately, my home office is on the front of my home and I’m one of the first homes in the neighborhood

May have to paint it so it doesn’t stand out so much :slight_smile:

Cut a vent and be done with it. If you can do it, it’s better than windows for a few reasons.

You need a 4" hole saw (or you can use a jigsaw like I did) and a external dryer vent. I like the louvered kind, amazon for like <15 USD.


Vent cover (mesh)

PowerTec Hose

PowerTec Flex Cuffs

Aluminum Tape

Dryer Vent Cover (white) – also available in brown

MagVent (MV Flex Model) – currently out of stock on amazon and the manufacturer


And if you DO end up going the magvent route, I suggest finding an metal circle that is the same size (and works with magnets, and putting a handle on the circle as a cover for when you have disconnected the hose.

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I totally agree. My issues, however, is that my office is in the basement, and so to avoid digging a hole and a bunch of other issues - running and painting piping, etc., I am venting into a window well, with a booster fan, and running piping to the edge of the window well where my louvered dryer vent is attached. (Solely for the 'forge).

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