Files disappeared... Alignment woes

So I am doing a very intricate game board. When I brought in all the files and aligned them all with each other I got a message that said the job was to big to print. So I ignored one of the files and set the job to print. I was planning on turning them off after and turning the other one back on. But somewhere during the long print, the browser reloaded an old file and my hopes of alignment are gone. Now I will have to play the aligned game to try and get this to print in the right spot. Aaarrrggghhhh. Any advice on how to prevent this from happening?

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After getting everything positioned correctly, I hit “Home” in order to make sure “autosave” actually did. You may want to go one step further and after clicking Home, close the browser window and then open it back up again, if the stuff is where you left it then you can be more confident that if your browser window goes down between operations you’ll still have the correct position when you open it up again.

I know the current UI idea is everything automatic, but for some stuff I like having a button to push to tell the software: this is what I want right now because your algorithm is guessing wrong.


Thanks. I didn’t know that trick. Today I will be doing the trial and error alignment dance. Somehow, I don’t really mind the Challenge.

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The sure fire way, in my opinion, is to just lay stuff out in your design software. This works if you’re using a full sheet of material to do a project (this is why it works for me). Upload and you don’t have to move a single thing.

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Seconded. You always want to design in design software. No guesswork. Full control over the design that way.

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I ‘get you’…but for me, there’s still some ‘guesswork’ when I design, too.:wink: :roll_eyes:

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How come an svg comes in the proper size but a png comes in smaller when exported from illustrator?

That can happen if the PNG doesn’t specify dots per inch, and the Glowforge software guesses wrong.

If you want to align a cut and a bitmap engrave, I’d suggest putting them into one file (e.g. in Illustrator) so they’re aligned in the software, and can be done in the GF in a single print.

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So, I have one illustrator file. Everything is aligned. I created several output files because one of them gives me an error if I saved it as an stl. So I saved it as a png. The other is an stl. From the same Illustrator file, the stl comes in the right size and the png comes in small. Should I fished with the dpi?

What happens if you export the whole file as one SVG with the bitmapembedded?

I’m sorry for my slow response. Thanks for the advice everyone.

@jonnyvermont, I’m looking into what happened with your design and how you lost your alignment.

Regarding creating your file, I recommend saving your file as an SVG file with the image embedded like what @laird suggested.

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