Files will not load Error message

I keep getting an error message when I try and upload a file from my PC. I can load my previous files from my glowfoge library. Every time I try and upload from my PC I get an error message to refreesh my browser or restart the printer which I have dome several times.

Yes, glad to see I am not alone in getting this message suddenly (though sorry you are feeling the same frustration). I too can’t upload any files, even those I have used many times.

Multiple restarts of the following with no luck:

Safari Browser

Am guessing this is something on the GF server side?..

I too am having this problem today… Can someone help?

@pkund @mschimmel @patriciafant88
Glowforge is looking into issues with file uploads and logins at this time.

Check this site and subscribe to messages:


thank you so much… I thought it was me for a minute

I also am having the same issues. Hopefully its fixed soon.

A friend reported similar issues so I checked for them just now. It’s working for me as of right now (16:00 EDT) but it could still be an issue for some, possibly depending on location.

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Oh! I knew about the site but not the subscribe bit! Thank you for adding that relevant piece of info – just subbed :heart_eyes_cat:

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