Files won't load from inkscape

so I’m not able to load any of my files from inkscape it comes up as an error telling me to reset the browser and unplug the GF I’ve done that I’ve updated my browser and it still wont upload but i can load and print everything that is in my dash board

its a company server issue. Multiple threads going right now, and a GF Tech has posted saying that they are working on it.

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i ve been having the same error message for the last 3 hours. I can upload any new files for SS or Inkscape. I can reprint from previous completed jobs but nothing new.

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oh thank god i was losing my shit

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First thing, Welcome!! Whats going on right now appears to be a company server issue, and the techs are working on it. hopefully they will have it fixed soon!

that makes me feel so much better … i have so much i need to get done and was like OMG wth is going with my files i updated everything and still nothing so i was stressing thank you for your help

No thank you guys lol!!! I was going insane…wedding season and i have so much on my plates to complete by tomorrow

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Thank you for bringing this up. We did have an issue that impacted your ability to upload, but it has been resolved. Would you please try your upload again?

If you are still experiencing an issue, let us know, and we can look into this further with you.

Please refer to for updates.

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