Fill In Engraving

Help. Is there something I can use or do in order to maybe color in the engraving where it not as defined after Ive already engraved the project?

In the future, if you do not move the item, you can hit Print again and re-run the engrave to make it a little deeper and darker. But you have to not allow the item to be moved by even a hair, and you do not shift the design on the screen either.

Once you move it, you’re pretty much stuck with the results.


Perhaps rubbing with wax or oil would make a little difference since the engraved areas are raw wood and the rest seems to have some sort of finish.

Different woods will look differently when engraved. Testing materials with different speeds, powers and lines per inch will give you the best knowledge of how different things will turn out. Once the job is finished and moved, you are pretty much stuck with what you got - except you have more experience.

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Do you mean to engrave part of the design that was not set to?

If so, yes, it can be done but the result (alignment) may not be perfect. I have a way that I’ve never documented.

Can you share a little more detail about exactly what you want to engrave? I’m assuming based on the design, it’s the 5 blank triangles around the edge of the pentagon?

Depending on whether the wood is sealed or not, I have been able to rub paint on it, let it fill in the cavities from engraving, and then wipe the excess off the top.

If you were talking about adding to your design and needing to line things up, here’s the method I had in mind:

What about dyed epoxy resin? - to fill in the engraving?

pour it in, wipe off excess, let it set, sand it down.?