Filled Shapes Must Have Closed Paths Error

Rec’d a simple logo from a customer, that is driving me crazy! It keeps throwing up the Filled Shapes Must Have Closed Paths Error. I have worked on this for hours. I was able to get it to print last night, but did a few tweaks this morning on the spacing of the border and holes, and now getting the error again. bbc NEW final logo for tags1698 LASER READY

What is your question?

The design has open shapes. You need to close them. Join nodes that are not connected, although I suspect the counters will then need to be subtracted for them to engrave correctly.

In any case, support can’t help you with design issues, so I’ll move this to an appropriate forum.

Yeah and if you want specific help you should mention what software you’re using.

Sorry, I work in Affinity Designer. Not sure what software the customer used. But, I don’t know what shapes are open. It’s a simple design.

If you don’t know how to find open paths, probably the best thing you can do is convert it to a bitmap, than trace it to convert back to paths.

Do you see the partially complete rectangle that surrounds the word “Busy” and bisects “Baby Company”? Those are stroked lines, they should not be engraved. Set them to Score instead and it should work.


THANK YOU! That fixed it. YAAAAAAY. :100:


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