Film festival award

This is beyond spectacular @Xabbess! The design is clean and simple , yet has a very strong visually impact. The light diffusion is beautiful as well. You know I’m a trophyholic and this is going straight into my “inspiration” file.

Two questions if you don’t mind; How is the insert held into place in the black layer? What made you go with the last clear layer, was it for a larger footprint so it could stand up?

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Why thank you, Alicia! I’m honored…from you of the marvelous edge lit works! The black layer is butted right up next to the first clear panel. The black layer, because of it being a ‘cutout’ has only the two bottom holes drilled for the stand offs as the top of the panel is nonexistent, so butting it up against a first panel gives it more stability. My brother would be better equipped to answer this next question since he is the one who designed the build, but I’m pretty sure the last panel was added as per your suggestion…for better stability. Originally, it was only going to be a 3 panel thing.

And, just as a side note…as I think you’ve also worked with two-tone acrylic from Johnson Plastics…we originally were using black over clear for the black panel…so I could engrave the text directly onto it and have the light shine through it. Not only was it expensive to use, we had a lot of problems getting the lettering to look clean. (that melty-color-running thing). We finally abandoned that for the press fit panels with text engraved on frosted acrylic. The premise of that first look was really what we wanted, but after the issues we had, for a second choice, it turned out pretty darned good.


I think my favorite part about your posts are the amount of work that goes into them. Whether it’s the small hand painted items, or this multi-layer masterpiece, you always hit them out of the park. Basically you’re inspiring :sunglasses:


Outstanding job! I’m very impressed.

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