Filming inside a CNC

So in making (or attempting) the6061 Aluminum Bench Dogs for @markevans36301 I tried to film the process for him. And ran into the issue of filming through flood coolant with the GoPro. So I designed an air-blast system to clear the lens:


Great idea. Well done!

Note I have a custom flood coolant rig that I built that greatly increases the flood coolant pressure and flow over the stock flood coolant option (and a much larger reservoir) It also adds 3 nozzles which are larger diameter than the stock nozzles and with the added flow results in a huge amount of spray.


This is a wonderful side quest but begs the question of how goes the primary mission?

Working on it. Maybe your bench has slightly different dog holes, but when I take the ruined one it’s a very loose fit into my craftsmen work bench

There are several standards which I guess means that there is no standard. These will seem undersized if tried in a table made to the Festool spec.
I both miked mine and lifted the spec from Kreg so if they Mike out as specified they are right.

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Damn I got tenths!


Well at least before the part got shredded when it popped out of the softjaws :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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That is dead on for Kreg.

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