Filter catalog designs by price or other attributes?

Just getting started, and hoping to try out random things from the catalog. Not ready to buy designs yet; just getting the hang of it. How do I filter for free designs in the catalog?

Are there ways to sort / filter generally? I’d love to see what’s popular, what’s expensive/cheap, what’s designed for paper/acrylic/wood, etc…

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The free designs that we all get will appear in your dashboard page when you open the app, and will show as “Purchased” in the catalog when you browse it.

There are categories for Home/Office/Decor/Jewelry etc.but you could probably use either acrylic or wood for a lot of the designs, so they don’t offer the ability to sort by those criteria (yet).

I assume the catalog is a place where we can upload things to share for free, as well as paid intellectual property for sale. I sincerely hope that the catalog is not going to be entirely populated with paid items.

Sorry to ask again, but excluding the files that were already placed into my account, is there a way to find free items in the catalog? Especially once The catalog grows, filtering will become more important.

As of this writing, it is all paid items from :glowforge:, what the future holds, we don’t know. You can upload as well as find some nice free stuff here on the forum, there is a section for that, as well as Thingiverse.

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The catalog is still in its infancy, but there are only paid items produced by Glowforge right now. Check the Free Laser Designs section of the forum out, though!


how do I get to the catalog?

Once you have received and set up your Glowforge, you can visit it at