Filter Fan Not working

The fan on my air filter does not seem to be running. I’ve checked the manual and contacted support (waiting for a response). It has less than an hour of use on it.
I could feel and hear it running the other day, now nothing. Will the fan run if the lid is off and filter is out? Tried this just to check, but no movement.

I’m not sure about the workings of the filter, so I’ll leave that for Support. Just wanted to let you know for next time that posting in Problems and Support opens a support ticket, as does emailing support. The pinned post at the top of this section asks that we do one or the other, not both, as the duplicate tickets slow their ability to respond.

Good luck, I hope they can get you back up and running quickly!


Hello @lewisnaeger, I see that you’ve also emailed us about this issue and I’ve just sent a response to you there. To avoid duplicate communication, I’m going to close this thread and will continue working with you over email.