Filter hack

I have the Pro. I also have this filter from a large format printer I sold. Think I could use it? What would prevent it from being ok?

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I really know nothing about it, but the filter you have there is designed for fume and not particulate.
Seems you may be able to hack together the fitting filter media though…


It worked :slight_smile:

BOFA makes laser filters :smiley:

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I use a portable A/C under the table of my GF. I’ve got hole drilled in the table and I’ve got the sides blocked so it can’t suck in sawdust.

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It would seem that could be all around amazing. Use the air coming out of the exhaust, run it through a washable filter , then HEPA filter and Charcoal filter, then across the cooling of the AC, and then pump the cooled air back up through the Glowforge! All with the fans for the AC!

You would need to make sure you had 300+ Cfm but it would be the Ouroboros solution!