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I am downsizing from a 5 bedroom house to a 2 bedroom senior complex. Not sure what floor I will be on, but will have a small balcony. I requested a 2 bedroom because I want to keep my Glowforge. My question is, how noisy is the filter you can purchase. Not sure I will be able to drop the vent out the window, but I read somewhere on the internet that the filter unit is noisy. I don’t think I will have a problem with the machine. Not sure how sturdy these apartments are, I know they’re built of wood.

I don’t really have an answer for you about the noise, but have a couple of observations to share. We are also moving into an independent living facility at the end of this month.and also opted for a two bedroom for the very same reason as you have. We have already chosen an apartment which fortunately is on a corner of the very top floor, so venting out will be the perfect solution for me, as they have agreed to modify a window opening for me. I suggest you look at any ideas you can find that might work for the particular style of windows you will have…as venting out is always the most ideal way to go.
You may or may not be aware of the expense involved in using the filter vs. venting out. They are $250 apiece and can fill up very quickly depending on the type of material you’ll be using.


It’s similar to a vacuum. You turn off the internal fan on the GF when you use it so it replaces that noise instead of adding to it.


To build on the time frame, some who were cutting MDF have reported the filter filling up in just a few hours of use. It can get very expensive very quickly. Though it’s also comparatively very average in price to what it does. High quality air filtering is simply a matter of exponential cost to benefit for size of particulate one is trying to filter. It’s how you can go from an $8 central heat/ac dust filter to $30 for the same exact size dust/dander/pollen/bacterial/viral/charcoal filter.


Thank you for your reply. I don’t know how if the facility will accommodate a modified window, but I will ask. The only problem is it’s very cold, and snow on ground. It seems there would be a market for an after market filter system for the Glowforge. I’m sure it could me made for less then $1200 and $250 per replacement filter.
Good luck on your move.

Thank you…best of luck to you, too.

Quite possibly, but consider this - the fumes from laser cutting are hazardous. What is your health and safety worth? The GF and other laser cutter filtration systems are more than a simple HEPA for dust, dander and pollen.

That said - there’s a company in Europe that makes a similar filter - the main unit cost is the same but they split the refill filters into their component parts which have different lifespans so that cost can be lower.

Also consider what you are cutting - MDF (including PG Draft Board and Thin PG Ply) is the worst for filter life. Engraving is far worse than cutting. Adding your own pre filter can help. But materials like acrylic, tile, glass, leather and cleaner woods like certain hardwoods and true Baltic Birch plywood hardly make a dent in the filter life. I’ve gone an entire year on on filter cartridge by using pre filters and very little MDF.


You might hit the charcoal scent removal life before the filters themselves fill at that rate.

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