Filter problems

I have been haveing problems with filter blue fumes and strong smell and irritating eyes. The room still smells and machine been off. And I have got it set on the app and no leaks on pipe

Is your filter turned up all the way? Perhaps it’s full and needs replacement?


It’s 2 weeks old but has been same since day 1.

It has a knob on it to adjust the flow. Have you cranked that up?


Yes, I turned it to full. The room air was blue . I felt around where air vent leaves glow forge and so air could be felt and also where it’s clamps to filter no leaks there. It smells the room out even next morning it smells. Have you got this filter

@cal.robinson - I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble with your air filter. I’ve just reached out directly over email so we can start troubleshooting. Since we’re chatting there, I’m going to close this thread.