Filter purchase question #2

Maybe I was misunderstood. Obviously I have a Glowforge, otherwise I would not be on this forum. I need a filter to go with my Glowforge…that I already have…so it will work. Thank you for closing the topic without giving me a chance to respond… :confused:

They tend to close topics pretty quick in Problems and Support. If you want to have a discussion, the Everything Else category is the best place to have it, so that it won’t get closed out, at least not right away. When you post to the PS, it creates a ticket, so for them to let it stay where it is, it leaves an unresolved ticket open on their end.


Ah, ok

I’ve moved the post to Everything Else so it will stay open. The links I gave you in your first request answered your specific question - but clearly you have more :slight_smile:

There is no GF filter yet, they’re still working on it.
There is a Compact filter, but not yet available to buy as a stand-alone.

You do not need a filter for the machine to work - you can exhaust straight out a window, or into a duct, or a number of other solutions - including some people buying off-the-rack filters.

You can do a search of the forum to get details on all the options above

Does that help?


I’m currently venting outside, but my neighbors are kind of close and I’m worried they might file a complaint. When I purchased my machine, I couldn’t afford the filter. I don’t need a second machine and that seems to be the only way I can get a filter. I don’t want to go that route since all I need is a filter.

Not an answer to your filter question, but sometimes a laser made gift goes a long ways. :slight_smile:

As the GF filter and the Compact filter are not yet available for individual purchase, I’d go the route of searching the forum for people’s OTC set-ups

Start here: Indoor or Low Noise Outdoor Air Filter Options

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“Bribe” is such an ugly word, but it does work. My neighbor was like “hey what’s making that smell?” and I immediately gave him a laser gift and he now comes over and is like “can I see what you’re making?!”


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