Filter Sadness

I finally got myself weaned off the forum, hanging on to every update, because I know that it helps me with things that I’m looking forward to but can’t have. We decided to delay the shipment because, heck, the date on the filter said Mid-Summer, and we can wait a couple more months.



So are we going to have another super fun awesome good time waiting for the filter? Where dates get pushed back willy-nilly?

I’m really disappointed.

I am still seeing June 24th for a filter to the UK from a day 4 order, it has been that date from some time. I am guessing perhaps you are Canadian and they added more approval time after experience with the GF.

Since they haven’t even done a public beta yet with the filter I expect they haven’t finished developing it, so a production date will be just as fluid as GF was two years ago.

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Are you 200% sure you can’t make a vent solution work? I cut a vent hole and was very surprised at how easy it was to do.

California, here.

Our neighbors are super sensitive and exist above, below, and on both sides of us. The next building is close enough to jump to the balcony.

Bummer :frowning:

1000 bones is a lot for a filter, maybe there are good alternatives? There have been posts about the topic; I’m not sure if consensus was reached. I’m sure you’re way ahead of me here, and have probably read all the posts?

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I built a kit 3d printer. One thing it led me to was the unwillingness to build things for myself that exist in the market in a better format. While the glowforge filter is still in development, I believe it will be better than anything I can make myself (I did read the threads and I’m glad I’m not involved in filter research and development) and it will allow me a one stop source for support if things go sideways.