Filter turned off in middle of a cut

Only used my glowforge like 4 times with ne large filter. Filter just stopped tonight in the middle of a print. No light on the switch at all. Changed the fuse but still nothing???

I have no experience with the filter, but support should contact you soon.

I hope so. Kinda dead in the water till then.

No way to vent outdoors?

Doing some rearranging to try that. Waiting to get an inline fan that I ordered to try that. Have to move my whole setup to do it though.

I’ve been venting outside with the stock exhaust fan for a couple of years. Other that the sheer volume of sound, it’s not been a problem. I have a new inline fan that I’m itching to install, but like you, I have to do some rearranging first.

Hi @zeahouse1. I’m sorry to hear about some trouble with your Glowforge Air Filter. I saw you had an open email thread for this as well, and saw that my colleague, Alex, was able to send a response to troubleshoot this. To avoid any potential confusion, I am going to close this thread and consolidate everything to the email thread to help you get this resolved. We’ll look forward to your email response. Thank you!