Filtering and exhaust dimensions

Please explain the filter and exhaust dimensions…it was stated that a tube runs out the back for exhaust to outdoors…I would like to know the i.d. / o.d. of the tube and the cfm of the exhaust fan attached. What are the dimensions of the filter catalyst ? Thank you.

I have heard it uses a standard 4inch shop tube.(outer dimension, inner dimension I guess is upto you if you choose an alternative to the one included). I believe the basic one has no filter/catalyst(but I may be wrong about the catalyst). And the air filter adon(comes in Pro also) is a 2 stage filter, all internal.

I do not know the size/spec of the exauhst fan but know there probably isn’t one on the external end of the pipe(just one inside the GF pushing it out)

@jacktyler_co_uk nailed it on all counts. There are 3 internal fans so you get plenty of outward airflow without a booster. It’s designed for ~8 ft of 4" hose IIRC.

Thank you both for the quick answers.