Finally a real project

Although I’ve made a few small items on the GF, this is my first full blown project. Layers are chip board with the top being maple veneer. I use Affinity Design and a commercially available bathymetric map to trace the depth lines. It’s very tedious and has taken oven 2 years of off and on work to develop and refine. But, it’s also very satisfying.


Awesome map. Everyone needs a bathymetric map in their lives.


Nicely done!


Very nice


Cool map! They are all real projects!


Well done! Definitely worth the effort.


It turned out great! Nice when a project comes together as planned.


This looks amazing! I love maps as well, but am yet to make a layered one like this. Great job

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Great detail in that, the layers in the compass rose is a nice touch!

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That is simply beautiful. Beautiful!!

I really want to make one of these, I just need to find the right map.

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Great job. I would love to do one of Table Rock Lake but I can’t find a good file. BTW-I was in Mt. Home 3 weeks ago.

Sorry I missed you. Lol. If you have a snipping tool, you can grab just about any lake map on any website. Paste into whatever software you use and trace. You just have to make sure the map has enough detail for what you want to do. In my case, to get the most detail I had to zoom in and snip small sections at a time and then “stitch” them back together to make one big map to trace. Next on my list is Bull Shoals. Here’s where you can find nice maps for a lot of lakes:


Thanks to all for your kind words.

I’ve been meaning to figure out how stitching works now I have a reason. Thanks for the link too, I’m going to check it out now.

Basically, when you snip off the website do not zoom in or out between snips. That way the scale of the map is always the same. Always overlap your snips a little bit. That gives you common points to use as alignment marks. Align all the sections and use your software’s feature for combining objects. Just know that you are probably going to end up with a huge map that you’ll need to shrink down to a manageable size.


Very nice work!! Buy blue epoxy and fill the water