Finally finished my lampshade


It took a while to get the painting/sanding done due to bad weather here… (Currently we don’t have a good setup for spray painting indoors…) But it is finally done! Designed in Fusion360 and Inkscape…



It’s beautiful! Great job! :grinning:


Thanks! I learned a lot about spray painting odd shapes with it, and there are some… character marks… on the backside. If I were to do it again, I think it would come out a bit nicer. BUT I’m not staring right at it while it is on :smiley:


Yeah, I totally hate spray painting in any form, so it looks great to me! :smile:


I hear ya on that painting–there just doesn’t seem to be a good and easy way. Love your shade though!


Very cool light fixture!


Nice work. I like the way the light casts over the walls.