Finally got my confirmation!

Its finally about to go down! I can’t believe it, this is going to change everything for me. Thank you Glowforge team!


May the Forge be with you !! Congrats



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Ahhh! Congrats!

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Very nice! Still waiting…patiently?

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Get ready to make smoke and be amazed!

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thank you


thank you very much

thanks. I know right. It has been so long, i cant believe it’s almost here!

I’m so ready, I think the smoke is coming from me hahaha!

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Ouch, my ship date just went from 16 March to 27 March. Though I shouldn’t complain since I have not been waiting as long as you and others. I plan on using mine for my business, how about you? Nice Jackalope, BTW.


same here, bummed. added 2 weeks , not one but 2.

Sigh…mine just went from Feb 28 to March 8! :frowning:

i was supposed to get mine notification on the 18th and it got moved to the 23rd, so I’m sure that even tho we’re in the final stages of receiving our units they’ll be some minor delays. I’m going to be using mine foe my business as well. I started out using a cutter and engraver from china, but the interface was so horrible i stop using it the moment I paid into the kickstarter for Glowforge and my business has been in stasis ever since. I appreciate you liking the jackalope, i took a few week to get that logo just right and now in animating it for my website. I dig your logo as well!

I’m getting the impression that delays are going to be the norm, but with one production line it has to be expected. Hopefully, you will get yours soon and get your business running again. I started my business last May. I make mostly craft type things like cutting boards and gift boxes, but I think the Glowforge will allow me to personalize them. Right now I’m selling on Etsy and have a few local customers. I’m looking forward to seeing your animated logo. What program did you use to animate it? BTW, what is your website

My ship date got moved back to March 15, I’m stoked :grinning:. Working now on venting under crawl space using 6" PVC pipe and this inline blower [6" blower fan,
about 14’ to exit house.
Can’t wait. Ryan