Finally got to spend some time with my Glowforge

I got my machine weeks, if not months ago, but due to the forced home renovation and recently the worst RSI ever I hadnt been able to spend any time doing any of the things I wanted. So this post is just a dump of what I’ve been tinkering with over the last couple of days.

The coffee grinder cover cracked years ago, and I’ve been wanting to make a new one for a very long time.

And here it is in action. This took about 15 minutes to figure out [had to cut two squares to find out the required sizes] and about 8 minutes to cut plus 9 minutes to engrave the bean.

Found the excellent and learned how to make patterns in Inkscape, here’s my new pencil holder. Still have to figure out the situation with these finger joints. I hate the look, and i hate the fitment/kerf/whatever black majick crapola I need to do to make things fit. Spray painted gold because reasons.

Spent most of the day making this tablet stand because at some point it became a mix of hard-headedness and sunken cost fallacy. Tried using because it allows more freedom with where joins are. Really spent most of the time trying to get this tool to work. Managed to get it to generate the finger joints where I wanted them. Found out that the ‘tolerance’ does not seem to work. I’d love to get this tool to work because other than that it’s just super. Anyways, here’s the stand. Had to superglue the joints, thats how loose they are.


The last thing is actually something I managed to pull off a couple of weeks ago when I had thought my RSI was getting better. It was not. Spray painted gold (just dont ask) and some sort of a metallic finish look rustoleum paint, I think its a left-over from lets-renovate-this-old-side-table project. This is a proof of concept so its a bit unfinished. Well, a lot unfinished.



So there. Thanks for looking! :slight_smile:


Cool projects! (Hope you get to spend more time with it going forward!) :grinning:

Thank you!

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Is that paint the hammered metal effect one, it’s really cool. I did something a few days ago and used that paint over a draftboard board… it does the trick :sunglasses:

Yes, yes it is!

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Really nice projects…hope you are all healed up and can enjoy your :glowforge: some more!!

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I liked seeing the various types of things you ended up making. Hope you find some relief from your injury and also that you get lots more time to design and make stuff.


Your projects are great! And now I really want to know about the gold paint…


Neat projects! Is that a designated Glowforge tablet I see? I appreciate the notches to adjust the viewing angle.

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Indeed a designated tablet. Walking over to the laser every time I need to push the button is annoying, so I save files to a NAS, it is also mounted on the tablet, you get the idea. I am lazy. Notches are a result of an iteration - when tapped the tablet would slide off the first version, so notches were the solution to that.