Finally i got it


After 2 years and 3 Day finallyly i got it today i was so scare to open it because the 2 boxes got damage but the Glowforge was package so good no damage to unit is working fine now is time to check what i going to make with it Thank you Dan and crew for the beautiful machine.


Happy new laser day to you! :grin:


Thank you


Yay!!! :tada::tada::tada:


There should be a rule on the forum … no announcements unless you participte in the Google docs sheet or post order date and Pro or Basic. Just saying :sunglasses:


GDoc isn’t official so I don’t think that is fair, but @tapoutms3 can we ask when you got your initial email and if you got your tracking number before you received the GF shipment? And also, pro or basic?


ok my fist email was on 8/29/17 telling me is going out soon and then my second email was 9/7/17 the first box the materials and i got them 5 days later and my 3 email 9/26/17 for the 2 boxes the laser and the Exhaust ang clamps and i got them today and is a basic model


Just over 8 weeks from email to delivery. Must have been due to production issues, ie. Fitment of glass lid. Hope yours reflects quality improvements. :sunglasses:


I think that is a typo. I believe it was 8/29/17 not 7/29/17.


Congratulations! (Whenever you ordered it and received it.) :smile::sparkles::balloon::tada::gift::+1:


yes it was 8/29/17 sorry guys


Laser all the things !