Finally joining the Glowforge family!

After waiting for what seemed like an eternity, my Glowforge aka “Taserface!” finally made it home last Friday! It was probably one of the most stressful days of my life, definitely in the top five. The stress started on Thursday when my security cameras alerted me at work, and when I checked the footage it was a UPS driver with a box about the same size as the one that holds the crumb tray.

You can imagine my confusion and panic as I watched him walk away with my package when I wasn’t expecting any deliveries because I never received tracking information for my Glowforge and my girlfriend wasn’t home to sign for it. So a few hours later I got on the UPS website and used the information on the sticker he left on my door to have the package dropped off at the nearest UPS facility so I could pick it up on my lunch break the next day. So lunch break comes around the next day and I zoom off to the UPS facility, give the guy behind the counter my information and wait for him to return. I could see him through a window behind the counter obviously having trouble finding my package, so after about 10 minutes of waiting, I walked into the back room to describe the size of the package and help him look for it. A few minutes later my girlfriend called me and told me a UPS truck just pulled into the driveway. So I apologize to the employee, tell him that the truck just arrived at my house and I walk out back to my car. But before I could even sit in the driver seat my girlfriend called me back and tells me that she has my Glowforge and the UPS driver told her that he did drop off a package at the UPS facility that I was at. So I went back in the store and after about 15 more minutes looking we finally found the package that was left there(the crumb tray).

This post seems to be turning into long rant so i’ll try to summarize the rest of the day…

  • On my way back to work someone turned the wrong way down a one-way street and almost ran straight into me.
  • I work at a high-end furniture shop in Nashville and we had a booth at the Log and Timber show at the convention center last weekend.
  • I drove my girlfriends car that day so I could pick up the package from UPS.
  • At 4 o’clock we ran out of work at the shop so I called the boss and he said we could go home.
  • I cried a little bit (on the inside) when I reached for my keys to lock up the shop and realized I had my girlfriends car keys and not mine.
  • I had the new guy stay at the shop while I drove into downtown Nashville right as rush-hour was starting to fire up to get the keys from my boss.
  • I couldn’t find any parking so I parked in a no parking loading zone and ran the top floor to get the keys, run back to the shop to lock it up, run the keys back to my boss and then go home.
  • we got a new couch the day before but it was damaged so my girlfriend had it exchanged and delivered to the house so when I got home I had to unboxed the new couch and set it up.

After all that I was finally “allowed” to rearrange my office, kill a Red Bull and set up my Glowforge.

I really feel like this post has gotten out of control. All I really wanted to do was share this next part…

After a few days of playing with Taserface! I was getting tired of the room smelling like smoke because some of the smoke that was getting blown out the window was coming back in.

So here’s what I came up with…

I live in a house that was built in the 60s with weird windows that open up sideways by turning a crank. I should really just say “window” because that’s the only window in the house that opened because all of the others have been painted over about a dozen times. I knew I wanted to board up the window and use a blast gate on the inside and one of those dryer wall ports on the outside and what better way to do this than to let Taserface! do most the work for me.


Seems to be working great so far and I’m loving every minute with my new laser cutter. I apologize for the long post but what can you expect from the rambling mind of someone who’s been up till 2 AM every night for the past week.

Good night guys!


Great projex! :sunglasses::+1:


Oh my gawd…I hate days like you had! No wonder you were stressed to the max. But now, it’s just a nice easy road to many hours and days of creative fun. The wait was long, but the reward is great. Glad you finally got your Glowforge!


I’m a pickle Morty!

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I think a day like yours would have killed me! I’m glad you survived it and went on to make wonderful things.


Never fails that when you have something important to yourself and you’re in a hurry, everything possible will try to stand in your way and slow you down. Glad the car missed and you were able to finally fire that baby up!!
Have fun!


You may have been slowed down getting to set your baby up … BUT … you’re off to the races with so many projects out of the gate! Very happy for you!

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It was definitely worth it, wait and all.

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Adventures in delivery!

My old house here in Colorado had some of those old single pane steel casement windows, the most thermally inefficient windows ever made. The inside steel frame would crust with ice in the winter. I see what looks like storm windows on the outside. :+1:

Nice stuff there man! :sunglasses:

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You have been very busy.

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Thank goodness it’s Friday, it’s time to LASER ALL THE THINGS!!!

Thank you for all the kind reply’s my fellow forgers. I’m really looking forward to being a part of this community.

What a story! Looks like you have everything up and printing now. Awesome first projects!

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Not a rant at all. Seems like a typical delivery day for a Glowforge. Boy, you sure hit the ground running. Congrats and all that stuff!

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Congrats and a good write up for an interesting day. Hopefully, I will be joining you in the family shortly. (Due my email around the end of feb) also we live in Hendersonville so glad to hear other owners are local. Happy pew pew pewing.:sunglasses: