Finally put my Secret Santa gift together

And I decided to record the whole process. Because is there anything less interesting to watch someone do than struggle to snap some plastic pieces together for 90 minutes?

Thanks again, @Just-Maken-It, for the clock.


Holy cow! You do have the sound locked in! Nice vid! I’m glad I’m not the only one who has trouble interpreting diagrams.


Just a few days ago, I was wondering how you were getting on with this project. Thank you so much for sharing this with all of us.

I’m bummed that it was plastic, not wood as I expected. I hoped this would help to inspire future laser projects, but as it looks like molded plastic rather than laser cut wood :frowning:

I can’t believe you took the time to record the entire process, this is great.


Well, I’ve got a lot of practice making these videos so I can do a good job sharing just in case a pre-release GF were to show up… :neutral_face:


I made one of these! It was insanely terrible. But also kind of neat.

Biggest disappointment was when I realized major parts of it were decorative and not functional, and it kept bad time for between 3 and 5 minutes. It didn’t even fail reliably.


It was fun to put together though, and as you say, neat. I keep thinking about how to make it a better clock but it’s fairly apparent that’s not the point of the thing. :slight_smile:


I actually watched the entire video today. I can’t believe you recorded the entire tedious assembly process. It was great to see you making adjustments to “time” after the assembly was complete.

By the way, you’re very welcome for the gift.