Finally something I've made... but without lasers


I have been lurking on the boards here since they opened, not joining in much, drooling over the many beautiful things that have been shared and longing to one day do the same, and kinda beating myself up about not making more stuff even without my GF… But to remind myself that I haven’t been sitting on my thumbs in the meantime, I thought I’d share something I’m rather proud of.

I’ve written a few novels over the years, some good, some not so much, most of them in first or second draft stage, and thanks in most part to Nanowrimo just for helping me get those words on (virtual) paper. My husband (and others who have been subjected to my work) has been bugging me about getting something published for years. So I finally took a leap of faith and sent it to a publisher and they accepted it as a crowdfunded project. I even managed to put together a fairly cool video to add to the page. Just getting the book finished enough to present was a process I never thought I’d see the end of, so whatever happens with the crowdfunding, I’m super happy to even just have been accepted by a publisher. :blush:

Being a total nerd myself, it’s heavily influenced by the kind of adventure book I grew up reading; a touch of fantasy, some cool technology, possibly pirates, that kind of thing. If that’s the kind of thing you like too, feel free to check it out here:
(I didn’t see anything in the terms of use about shameless self promotion but if it’s a no no, I’m happy to remove the link and just show off in a more abstract way :smiley:)
Some of the pledges involve stuff made on the GF (the bookmarks for example) so let’s hope I get mine and get operational before the funding ends!

So, there it is, I made a book full of words, using no lasers at all.


Well congratulations! That’s one heck of an accomplishment! :grinning:


Congratulations and good luck with the campaign!


Great vid!


First of all, welcome to this community. I loved the video! In fact, I became a backer. It looks like a great project and I wish you all success with it.


Me too, nice video btw :grinning:


Awww, thanks Glowfolks! :heart:


Good Luck! :sunglasses:


Cool! Congratulations!


Thanks @dan, I hope it finds as many eager backers as the Glowforge! :smiley: