Finally stomached up the nerve to try slate!


I finally got the nerve to try slate and it turned out amazing thanks to @Jules for the settings!:grin:
The first one is a cheeseboard I found on amazon and the second is a coaster also found on amazon.


Love that Chicago skyline! (And the split letter look turned out great too!) :grinning:


Thanks. That means a lot coming from a pro like you.:grin:


Oh, I’m no pro, I just fake it well. :smile::wink:


I love slate, too. It’s very forgiving and looks amazing. I like what you did.


Looks great! Can’t wait to get a hold of some slate.


Oh yeah! Came out great!


These both look amazing!


And if you mess up you can sand it down, oil it with mineral oil and re-use it :slight_smile: