FINALLY! The long awaited email!

I’ve never waited so long for an email! lol I am so happy to share that my babyGFpro is due for delivery on Nov 24th! … I’ve been so jealous of everyone else’s work, I finally get to settle that jealous monster to rest! lol :smiley:

Have a great Friday!



I just want to make sure that I understand…did you get a separate email from Rita asking if you were ready to have your Glowforge shipped?

If so, congratulations! :grinning:

If not, that date you see when you look at your account information is when you can expect to receive the shipping confirmation email asking for your address. The actual delivery can be up to six weeks later.

(Wasn’t sure if you’ve been keeping up with the terminology here.)


Wait, is my bubble going to be busted!? :confused: So is that not my shipping date? If the email was not from Rita? It was an email referring me to my account for the estimated shipping date.

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Ooooh, I really hate to be the bearer of bad news, but yeah, that’s when you can expect to hear from Rita about when the machine will arrive.

The good news is, it hasn’t been taking the full six weeks lately, more like four, but fluctuations in the manufacturing can swing that a bit either way.

(And you might get the shipping email sooner than that.)

Sorry. :disappointed_relieved:


That’s the date when they expect to send you your official shipping email. (Which is still pretty cool). When you get the official shipping email (sometimes referred to as the Golden Ticket) it’s your last chance to back out, defer delivery, etc. If you answer “yes” to the official shipping email, then the process of getting your machine and accessories to you actually starts. Perhaps they even will have ironed out the issues that result in some packages arriving before you get told they’re shipped…



You’re still SUPER CLOSE!


I just got my email today. Hang in there. We are so close to endless nights of no sleep playing with our new toy


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: OH GEEZ, that blows! … I should have known it was too good to be true, it is FRIDAY THE 13TH after all! :expressionless:

Thank you Jules, Well I will remain optimistic! … and today I celebrate email number one! lol


Oh, I just noticed you’re a neighbor. I am in Valencia, too

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Hello neighbor! nice to meet you. Do you have your Glowforge yet?

No not yet. I originally ordered a Basic but upgraded to a Pro, but their system is calculating my shipment date as if I ordered a Basic so it is currently Feb 2018. i think when that gets updated, my “ship date” might be moved up to the end of December.

There’s an LA area Glowforce Facebook group that someone set up. It does not have much activity yet because I think @tim1724 is the only one who has yet to receive a machine.



Frustrating, right? lol … its crazy, yet I am not backing away from this purchase. I so want to play already!! :smiley:

Thanks I will check out the FB page next year, when we know more of us have received their units! lol