Finally thought of the first thing I want to make - Can you guess?



OK, let’s see if we can make this a little fun!

This is a bathroom window in my basement:

Anyone wanna guess what I want to make? :slight_smile:


A privacy screen comes to mind… :blush:


I want to say some kind of blinds to reduce visibility in but still provide natural light


Well that didn’t take long at all! lolol

Yeah…I figure I can make some kind of shutters with panels similar to privacy glass blocks, by engraving / frosting them :slight_smile:

Help me keep my modesty, Glowforge…you’re my only hope!


A privacy screen that projects shadow puppets on the wall for your entertainment.


Brilliant! maybe make it with layers, so that the angle of the sun changes the puppets that are displayed…kind of like that sundial that someone posted!


I’ve been thinking the same thing. Mid Century Modern or Frank Lloyd Wright inspired design.




Wow, that’s gorgeous! It would make a very nice napkin holder for the kitchen. You’ve just given me some ideas…


Along similar lines, but way smaller of a project and less of a need…the wind catchers on several of my wind chimes fell off over the winter. If I only had a laser, I could be in there right now cutting out beautiful engraved or even perforated wind catchers for them. That would be fun!


You design it & I’ll cut it for you :slight_smile:


Wow…really? That’s so kind of you. I don’t know how to design anything yet, though. I have some design apps. that I’ve dabbled with. What kind of file does it need to be? Now that I’m thinking of it, I’m not sure even where to begin with a design. If you can tell me what you need, then I’ll give it a try…but it may be a ways off in the delivery. Thank you so much! :relaxed:


I was going to guess a small laser-cut putting green with acrylic flag. ( keep you busy when you’re… ummm… busy…):grinning:

My second guess was a periscope (to look out the window when sitting down… lol)


You want to make a… Silhouette cutout of an upper body to make it look like someone climbing out the window


I’m a poly tool guy :smiley: Just about any format is fine - AI, DXF, SVG, PDF. Even just a drawing file like jpg or gif works. I use Corel and Illustrator primarily but also dabble with Inkscape. At the risk of invoking a graphic religious war, they’re all basically the same - just slight feature differences that change with each release as the product developers play catch-up or leapfrog. :grinning:


Well, that many file options certainly makes it easier for me…and more inviting! Thank you! I have a relatively new design program for Mac called Affinity Design, which by many was compared favorably to Illustrator. It would be good practice for me to work on this small item using that. I can use SVG, PDF or jpeg for certain. Even if I can’t yet cut it myself, this would be an amazing opportunity to see into my Glowforge future. And how should I send the file to you…in a private message or just here in the forum?


You’ll definitely want to start learning the program now and getting a lot of practice in because as soon as you get your glowforge I hate for you to be taking all your time trying to learn how design and it just sitting there beckoning you. :wink: and what better place to get constructive criticism while we’re all bored waiting LOL


Either works. If you want to PM then when it’s cut you can decide if you want to post the file & results in LaserMade for everyone’s inspiration.


I have already been learning Affinity, but not always in just ways that can be used for lasering. I will definitely be doing more practice until December and beyond, though. Additionally…there is the concept of creating with Glowforge by using drawing, tracing, etc., so it’s not only vector drawings and designs that will define it’s use for me. Thanks for your input.


Sending you a PM with a wind catcher design to try out. :slight_smile: