Finaly got my email for confirmation

I’ve just this minute completed the confirmation process to get my GF, I was reading posts here and decided to check my email as it was supposed to be today to get the email (it has said the 15th of Dec. for about 10 days). Sure enough, there it was so I went ahead and went for getting it now. I assume the next thing should be a shipping email?


Congrats! :smile:

Yeah, you’ll want to sign up for UPS MyChoice so you can keep an eye out for it - notification emails sometimes get a bit waylaid.

Turns out that since I’m having shipped to my office so that I will be there to receive and inspect it when it arrives the MyChoice option is not available for business addresses. I’ll just have to make sure I get the actual UPS tracking number and keep it at work so I can do a check every day.

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