Find Red/Black or Black/Red Acrylic in 1/8"?

Anyone have a source for 1/8" Red/Black or Black/Red dual color sheets? Preferably 1/4 sheets if possible? I can find 1/16" but no one seems to stock 1/8" and I don’t want to purchase a custom order of it due to the cost and minimums. I only need a couple 1/4 sheets to start.

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Hi. Try Canal Plastic. I just saw they carry 1/8 ". They have a good selection in general. I don’t know how fast delivery is because they are close to my job and I was able to pick up my order. Hope this helps.



Thanks, no luck there either.

Probably not much demand, not much contrast between red and black.

Why not make your own - laminate sheets of 1/16 red and black. You’ll just need to figure out the settings.


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